Understanding Our Services


Along with anything else, a unit purchased from us will need upkeep and servicing from time to time to ensure that your unit is working to its fullest capabilities and keeping your software up to date. In order to do that, we offer two services.

At any point in time, you can bring your unit back to your AndroidKingz dealer and our technicians will update your unit free of charge and ensure you have the latest software. ( This service is for updates only)

We also offer a remote service. This service is a paid per use service, which allows users who live abroad and/or who cannot physically bring their units in. Why does it cost money? Servers and remote assistance costs can add up pretty quickly. Although this service may not be for everyone, we do offer this as a last resort if you cannot exercise option 1. ( pricing is subject to change at anytime)

Preparing for Remote Support

First we need to make sure we have the proper applications installed in order for our technicians to successfully connect to your unit remotely. To do this we need to have Teamviewer ( Quicksupport ) installed… The icon looks

like this

To find it, navigate to your homescreen and click “MyApps” and scroll down till you see the icon………. if you do not see this icon , follow this video below to install the application on your unit.